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    Instructional Framework

    PCPS has developed an instructional framework to guide teaching and learning.  The DL421 (Deeper Learning for the 21st Century) Instructional Framework [attached below in PDF format] focuses on four student outcomes: Communication and Collaboration; Creativity and Innovation; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; and Digital Fluency.  These outcomes are part of our Portrait of a Graduate [attached below in PDF format] which is a collective vision that articulates the community’s aspirations for all of our students. 


Special Education Staff

Dr. Lynn Clayton-Prince

Dr. Lynn Clayton-Prince

Director of Special Education
VPI & ECSE Coordinator
Early Childhood Special Education
Title IX Coordinator
Federal Programs
Health Services



Tracy Hobson

Tracy Hobson

Administrative Assistant for
Special Education
(804) 598-5700 Ext. 136



Special Education Lead Teachers

K.P. Gobble, Special Education Lead Teacher

Karen Gobble

Pocahontas Elementary School
(804) 598-5717

Loretta Mabry, Special Education Lead Teacher

Loretta Mabry

Powhatan Elementary School
(804) 598-5730

Amanda Johnson, Special Education Lead Teacher

Amanda Johnson

Flat Rock Elementary School
(804) 598-5743

Heather Storrie, Special Education Lead Teacher

Heather Storrie

Powhatan Middle School
(804) 598-5720

Wendy Tillett, Special Education Lead Teacher

Wendy Tillett

Powhatan High School
(804) 598-5710